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Summary of Question:Importance Of Hairs In Sikhism
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 10/07/2008 4:05 AM MDT


Is it necessary to be a Sikh with hairs or
Sikh can be without hairs as there are somany
Modern sikhs in punjab without hairs,

my neighbour told me that sikhism is a
branch of a tree called hinduism and a
tree is always Bigger than it's branches.
Earlier in 17th century guru gobind singh ji
defend his religion from muslims His name was Gobind rai
so as all the gurus used dev and dass after their name
that was hindus name so basically all people in India
are hindus many people in punjab realized this fact and
removed their hairs and stop wearing turban ????

so my question is Are we hindus, If yes then
Hindus don't wear turbans, my younger brother is great
worshipper of hanumaan i dont stop him just because of his faith in hanumaan
he goes to mandir every tuesday then he goes to gurudwara !!!!!

so what is sikhism basically , what is the significance
of turban in life, as christians goes to church, muslims to mosque, hindus to temples and gurudwaras , why shouls a sikh wear turban,, Anybody can have a long hair and beard and can wear turban so why it is enforced in sikhism !!!

my mother is after me like anything for hairs and i dont want to have it because anybody can have it if he wants to at anytime ??

Blessings dear one,

Your question has been asked so many times . Please do research on Youth Forum the answers that have been given.

About Sikhism being a branch of Hinduism....this is incorrect. Sikhee is distinct and different from both Hindu and Muslim just as it is distinct from Buddism, Christianity and Judaism. When the country of India was formed the constitution incorrectly defined Sikh as a subcaste of Hindu. This was done to diminish our identity and water down our faith.

Sikhee is a new lifestyle and formula for living as an expanded and empowered human being living in God consciousness. There has been nothing like this until now.

Keep your hair, practice your nitnem and study your Sikh History and experience the vastness of this LIfestyle.


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Importance Of Hairs In Sikhism (10/07/2008)
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