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Summary of Question:Dreams And Janam Patri
Date Posted:Sunday, 5/28/2000 11:49 PM MDT


In Sikhism, do dreams have meanings? If so, could you refer me to
a book from where I can learn to intepret them. I've had the same
dream a few times and want to know if this means anything at all.
If you have knowledge in this area, then could you tell me what it
means if I see myself dressed in a plain white suit sitting calmly in
an isolated building in some sort of a village in India.

Another question I have is regarding "Janam Patris". I have some
Hindu friends and it is common practice for them to compare Janam
Patris before marriage to determine if they make a good couple.
In one of my friend's janam patri, it says that her first husband
would die young so she has to marry a guy whose janam patri is similar
to be safe. Does all this stuff really have any meaning? In our family,
no one has ever had janam patris, but if so many Hindus believe in it,
surely there must be something valuable in it? Could you advise.



Dear Preeti--
Sat Siri Akaal. Dreams are not addressed in Sikhi. There are MANY ways to interpret dreams, however. And, there are MANY reasons we dream or have repetitive dreams. You could search the Internet using 'dream' as a keyword if you must pursue it. However, what I most recommend is that you meditate on this dream you have and pray to Waheguru to explain it to you. The problem with reading dream books is that none of them say the same thing. One dream could be interpreted differently by 10 people!

As for janam patri (or viewing dreams as prophecies, for example); Sikhs rely only on Guru for guidance, not astrologers or pandits. When Sikhs need guidance, they do sincere Ardas before Siri Guru and then read Siri Guru Hukum, which will give the guidance that is needed; one may not hear what they want to hear, but Siri Guru is NEVER wrong! Janam patri may be the Hindu way, and maybe it does work (I don't know!), but it is not the Sikh way, and that is why we don't do it.

Guru Rakha,

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Dreams And Janam Patri (05/28/2000)
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