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Summary of Question:Hiding
Date Posted:Wednesday, 9/09/2009 2:27 PM MDT

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh..

ok its been loads of years since iv had acne...and i alwys hide away from people..from situations of going out..lately its become so bad..that i fear the journey to go the Gurudwara,shopping other various tasks..i really want to go Gurudwara but find myself postphoning..i feel really immature...iv been 2 the doc abt my acne..tried several medications etc..not not really all abt appearence but its jst these spots..i dont know why im feeling this..its the past iv got teased before and as a result feel very scared..i awlys walk with my head down which i think is good anyway..but im alwys the one avoiding talking to ppl or anything...i just want to be able to go Gurudwara without thinking abt the journey..i love being there thats the one place i dont feel such feeelings..and then when i come out of the Gurudwara Im alwys glad i went despite the journey.


Dear Priya,
It is always best to walk with your head up high and your chest forward :o).
I suggest to do Kundalini Yoga to resolve the problem. I know lots and lots of people who overcame the same kinds of problems and are now very happy. Find some yoga sets to strengthen your navel point. That would be a good start to improve your self confidence and self esteem. See if you can do some research and find some yoga sets or meditations that relieve heat in the body and that may help with your complexion. I know for a fact that there are some yoga sets to improve your skin. Call Ancient Healing Ways and ask them to help you find them.
There is a way out of every situation but the only way to find it is through working on yourself.

Good Luck,

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Hiding (09/09/2009)
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