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Summary of Question:Own Mind Or Directed By God
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Saturday, 11/14/2009 11:09 AM MST

This may sound like a silly question, but its one that comes into my head from time to time and I have really lost out on opportunities because of it..

When you have to make a big decision in your life, like marriage, moving, job, etc, how do you know u are making the right decision? How do u know its because I just wanted it because of my polluted corrupt mind or what God wants?

Sorry if it sounds like a silly question, i struggle with this and have lost out on a lot things and regret so much now..

Then wonder maybe i wasn't suppose to get those things i later regretted anyway so then i make the same mistake again. I missed out on something really important to me cuz i cared what others thought and wondered whether God wanted it for me. I know I wanted it, but like couldn't say. Then I lost it. Bothers me from time to time, but then maybe thats how God wanted it.

Any guidance or advice would be really helpful..


Sat Nam,

There is you and your mind and they are two very separate things. This is not a silly question at all. It is quite a big existential dilemma for a lot of people. God gave you your mind to navigate in this physical world, to experience duality and to learn, learn and learn.
Consciousness on the other hand is you. Weather you have low or high consciousness is still up to God to decide. Once you are done with all your lower consciousness lessons and ready to move on to much higher once you may be given the opportunity to transition into it. Keep in mind with higher consciousness comes greater responsibility, greater challenges and in some cases greater pain or greater happiness.
Things you have done in your life were just experiences you were given to have to make mistakes and learn from them. Regret is only useful if you use it to learn what you need and to make a decision not to make the same mistake again. In which case the next step is to forgive yourself and move on to other things.

Everything comes from God. If God did not give you higher level of consciousness in a certain situation to make the right choice then that was the lesson.

On the other hand the purpose of spiritual path is to increase you consciousness and keep transitioning to higher levels way beyond our limited, earthly mind to experience our true selves and God within ourselves.

If you feel that you are in some viscous loop in your life where you keep making the same mistakes and learning the same lessons and can't snap out of it ... and you are not happy about it ...then you maybe ready to transition to your true spiritual path and start walking the road of consciousness (Dharmic path) rather than the way of your mind which is the Karmic path.

You have to break the cycle. The only way to break it is through yoga and meditation. Mantras and Shabads used for purpose of meditation will help you still your mind and experience the real God and real universal consciousness.
As you may have heard it is not an easy way to be and not an easy thing to accomplish at all but it is quite possible with technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation in combination of technology of Shabad Guru to brake through all the conscious, subconscious and unconscious blocks of your mind to reach deep into your own soul.

When we have too many choices in life and we try to figure out with our mind which one is the best for us .... we may find that none of them are right. Whether we try to convince ourselves that one thing or the other may be the most "practical" thing for us... it may still not be the right one. If you stop listening to all the voices of your mind, many of which belong to your parents, your teachers, your friends etc..... and start listening to your own soul only then you will truly know what is the right thing to do.

Listening to your soul requires some courage. Most of the time you will find out that the answer you will find is not quite practical and will tell you to put yourself though some unpleasant adjustments .... but it is the true way to be and if you will ask your soul again it will confirm that it maybe worth it.

You have to understand one of the most important things in life. You carry the sole and ultimate responsibility for your life. If you listened to someone else's advise and made a choice based on it.... YOU are still responsible for the consequences. There is absolutely no way out of it. It is always better to listen to your own self and make a mistake... and pay for it .... than listen to someone else. If you make an honest mistake just learn from it and move on and live your own truth. If you are listening to other people you are living their lives not your own .... and that is the biggest loss of all.

It is always good to do research and collect other people's opinions on issues but it is best to make your own choices no matter what and not be afraid to bare the consequences. And sometimes your choice maybe the same as your friend's your parents... why not?... there is no problem with that. The difference if your willingness to take the responsibility for it.


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Own Mind Or Directed By God (11/14/2009)
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