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Summary of Question:Brother's Anguish
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/08/2008 11:08 AM MDT

Hi. Im hoping u can help me today. My brother and he's wife split up a few week's ago due to them both not getting on and her not liking my mum. I admit there split has to do with all of us,we all said nasty things to eachother and for what i have done wrong i pray for forgiveness from god. Since she has left she wont let my brother or any of us for that matter see the kids. Boy is 2 and the little girl is 9 months. My brother cant live without he's kids but she refuses him contact,the worse thing is my brother never ever said anything to her he let her get on with her life so why is she making him suffer?? The kids loved there dad so much and now they dont get 2 c or hear from him. She's using the kids to bully my brother and that is wrong. All i want 2 ask from you is if you could give me a pray that i could do morning and night i dont mind so my brother gets 2 c he's kids. Thanku x

Sat nam. The prayer needed here is that everyone's highest truth be lived and their souls and minds heal. There are always two, if not more, sides to every story. You are not in your sister-in-law's shoes, you don't really know what she's feeling inside or her real motives. It may be God's will that the children go with her, not him. You are siding (understandably) with your brother. But it's not YOUR affair. The best thing for you to do is pray for a miracle of healing for all concerned, STAY NEUTRAL and be there for whoever needs you as a supportive, compassionate family member. Do not interfere. Guru ang sang,

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Brother's Anguish (05/08/2008)
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