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Summary of Question:Marriage Problems
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/20/2008 9:33 PM MDT

Sat Nam

Sat sri akal ji, I am the woman who posted the question regarding Marriage problems, My Problems are getting worse Every day. I check my email and this website everyday with a hope that i might get an answer.I understand that you guys are really busy and its indeed a very hard job. But I would really appreciate a reply. As I really need some guidance and I know i am asking right people. I dont want to react in a wrong way to the everyday problems that are being created in my married life and things are just getting worse. i doubt my patience now. I feel like i am suppressing my emotions by not letting them come out and one day i am gonna burst and maybe that will end my married life.I am really scared for that.

Please reply asap before my marriage becomes an unbearable relationship for me.
Guru Ang Sang

Sikh woman.

Sat Nam,

I just found your e-mail on the list and I sincerely hope that I can help but I don't believe any one person can. The only suggestion that comes into my mind is this. You need to seek professional help. You are not really saying what is wrong with your marriage and I suspect that there is a lot. One e-mail will not do it. It is best to go to a marriage councilor and try to sort out all the issues. Of course there are Shabads you could do and you could start with reading Sopurkhs to elevate your husband and help him be better towards you but that is just one tool. My suggestion is also to contact Dr. Siri Atma Singh Khalsa he specializes in Yogic consultations. He is very much in touch with Sikh teachings and different ways of coping with things in life. Here is his website address. Please try it, any steps you take towards helping your situation will be better than nothing. Better than feeling like you are screaming into open air and no one hears you.

Best Wishes,


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Marriage Problems (04/20/2008)
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