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Summary of Question:Doubts On Sikhism
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/17/2008 8:01 AM MDT

What Sikhism has to say on the following points.

1. If god is self created then where is he.

2. Difference between God and Guru.

3. Does after death soul moves out and mingles with god.

4. Is suicide correct. Where does soul go if commited suicide or murdered .

5. What Sikhism has to say on satyug, kalyug, the judgement day and heaven and hell.

6. Guru Gobind Singh’s prophecies mentioned that 960 million we shall be.

7. Can one chant mool mantar at amrit vela without taking bath then again go to sleep.

Sat Nam,

Let me try and answer some of your questions. I don't know some of the exact answers but perhaps I can shed some light on the situation for you.
1. Have you heard a phrase “If you don’t see God in All, you don’t see God at all?”
Ang Sang Wahe Guru – God is in every limb of my being. God is in every sell every corner or thing on earth or in the after life. God is everywhere. You look at a stone on the ground God is in it and that stone is God. You look at a flower or a fly or your favorite pet God is in them too and they are God. Everything is God.
That is why our scriptures start with Ek Ong Kaar - we are one the creator and creation are one. There is no separation no distance. If you close your eyes and go inside yourself you feel God. All your negative or positive thoughs are God. Everything you feel or touch is God.
2. God is everything and Guru is the vibration, the path that brings you to the understanding of God. All the scriptures and Gurus are just vehicles for us to get to God. All they do is help you find God within yourself.
3. Like a drop of water falling into the ocean becomes part of that ocean your soul merges into God when it leaves the body and finds peace.
4. Suicide is a very unfortunate thing. It is OK to commit suicide and chose your own death as a way out if you are about to be killed in some very horrible way. And that is an exception. People are not given that choice very often at all. If your life is not about to be over and your pranic body is still full of life and breath you will be going against a natural order of things. Yogi Bhajan used to say that if you do that your soul will have to find a first available body to finish your earthly karma in. It could be a cat or a dog or a rock in the woods. You never know where you will get pulled into and how you will have to spend all those years you would have had left in your human life. It is a very serious gamble you would be taking by making that choice. People who dye heroic deaths in the war or tragedies are also an exception. If they walk into a line of fire to save their friends or loved ones, they chose a very conscious death and conscious death, out of good intensions, can even liberate someone. However, if a person chooses to die in a peaceful situation and kill people around them out of hate or revenge that may be creating a very different consequence for their soul.
5. Heaven and Hell are just in your mind. If you meditate you can bring your mind to total peace and that is heaven, if you obsess about everything, feel anger, hate, rush after things, feel like you have been wronged …. This is hell. Right now we are transitioning from the Kaliyug which is the Piscean age into the Age of Aquarius the age of higher consciousness. It is a very welcome transition, the vibration of the new age will be a lot higher and we will learn how to meditate and bring our mind to heaven within ourselves. Right now is a very good time to start your meditation practice so you can transition smoothly and be able to always keep your mind at peace no matter what comes.
6. I believe Guru Gobind Singh said that there will be Sikhs who are not Khalsa and there will be Khalsa who are not Sikhs. Khalsa as you may know means pure. Those 960 million people are The Khalsa Spiritual Nation. People of higher consciousness striving to be better human beings. Sikhism is just a vehicle for all of us to become those kind of people. It will help us transition into Aquarian age the age of higher consciousness. Sikhism gives us the tools of the Shabad Guru, mediation, yoga and other healthy practices to strive and become part of the Khalsa Spiritual Nation.
7. Ideally we want to start our morning Sadhana getting up at 3:30am take a cold shower, read Japji, do some yoga and meditate, but Sadhana is a very personal spiritual practice and everyone maybe defining it differently. Also, we always strive for perfection but we do as much as we can. If some days you would want to do a Mool Mantra without taking a cold shower or a bath it may not be the end of the world and nothing to feel guilty about. And if you want to go to sleep after your Sadhana then go ahead and do it. The important thing is to do as much as we can. It is said that when people do group Sadhana you already get the benefit of 80% just by showing up even if you just sit there and do nothing. In individual settings other people’s energy is not there to hold you and support you so you have to do it yourself and try to do it better. Don’t make yourself feel guilty for doing or not doing things. Define what Sadhana is to you and do just that.


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