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Summary of Question:Looking For A Tale About Devotion
Date Posted:Monday, 5/18/2009 7:57 AM MDT

Dear ones

I'm desperately looking for a story which I can't remember in details.
It's a child whose father is a priest. The father asks the child to perform puja at his place. The child places the offerings before the statue of the god, but nothing happens. Then the child feels so sorry that the god seems to refuse his offerings, that he starts crying and crying so much that the statues moves and the god eats the offerings.
Have you heard of such a story? Is it in the SGGS?
Thank you
Many blessings
Ram Singh

Sat nam. This story is not in SGGS. You might search Sikhi Wiki. There are a number of stories on that site. Of course, the story of Prahlad and Harnaksh is certainly one of devotion, and that is repeatedly in SGGS. Guru ang sang,

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Looking For A Tale About Devotion (05/18/2009)
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