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Summary of Question:Is There Really A God
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Saturday, 4/29/2000 1:03 PM MDT


hello one of my friends is an atheist. i was speaking to him about religion and he said that faith can be defined as a belief in which there is no objective evidence.if that is true then there is no god. or at least thats what he said/ is this true? because im seriously doubting my faith because of this


Sat Siri Akaal Jee:

Sikhi teaches us that God is in all and all are in God. You see God everywhere around you. The miracles (amazing stories) that exist in every faith are not done BY humans; humans are the vehicles for the miracle. They would not happen if there were not a God.
The atheist believes what he wants about God;that is his path! But the Sikh knows there is a God because we would not be here as Sikhs if God did not exist. The Siri Guru is nothing but the pure poetry of Gurus and Bhagats and THEIR EXPERIENCE OF GOD (Akaal Purakh). It is not about seeing a single BEING that is God (which seems to be what your atheist friend is looking for) it is about the EXPERIENCE of the ONENESS of ALL that is God. This is referenced time & again in Siri Guru. You too can have the experience of God if you practice the Naam and control your breath. Consider the mantra: Ik Ong Kaar. There is One Creator of the Creation. If you remember this everywhere you go, and have it in your mind in all your daily grind, you will come to understand that God is ALL.

I hope your crisis of faith has eased. Guru Rakha,

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Is There Really A God (04/29/2000)
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