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Summary of Question:Loss In The Family
Date Posted:Tuesday, 4/14/2009 9:56 PM MDT

Dear Sikhnet,

As a longtime reader of questions of the forum I really appreciate the advice you give it is fantastic. I was wondering if you can help with what prayers I should be doing. I am going through a bit of a rough patch. The shortened version is that I feel that God has foresaken me and I don't know why. I am a good person who is educated and never had any troubles with drugs or anything at all. All my life I worked hard at school and now have a good job. I also volunteer extensively in the community. Things have been going bad for me cause I am not married and my parents are stressed out because of my unmarried status. I am not sure why I am not married I am now 32. the one joy in my life was my dog. Unfortunately he died recently and I feel so alone and confused. I would like to know what happens when dogs die. I read that it is not good to feel so attached. But I don't know what to feel. Please help. Thanks


It is very naturall to feel the loss of of a dog. They give us unconditional love and acceptance. They are loyal. Some times they are the best friends we've ever had. They never question us or criticize us. They are always there to greet us and make us feel like we are God on earth for them. And to them, we are. I have lost three dogs, and they have been some of the biggest losses of my life, because of the reasons I stated. So don't feel guilty for your feelings of loss and love.

I have some suggestions of things you can do, though. These are just suggestions, think about what would be meaningful for you.
- Create something in your dog's honor, like a garden, plant a tree, or something else
- When two of my dogs died, I wrote a poem about them.
- Write about your feelings...or maybe write you dog a letter about what he/she meant to you.
- When one of my dogs died, I stuffed a pillow that had FRIEND on it with some of her hair.
- We've had all of our dogs cremated. We scattered their ashes around our property.

It is natural to grieve. Allow your self to grieve. Remember stories about your dog. Think about why she meant so much to you and how you can change your life, so you have more of what she gave you.

You need to grieve and let your dog go...but then get another puppy. I didn't think I was ready to get another dog for a while. It had been about nine months one time and only six months this last time. Our new puppy was so loving, I immeditately fell in love with her and she helped heal my pain from the loss of the last one. Put your old dog in your heart and allow her to live there in light. Her memory is with you forever.

Where do dogs go? Well, they are a part of reincarnation too. They, as well as all living things, come back into other lives. She is not gone, she is transformed into another life. You will heal from this loss. Use the love you shared with your dog to give to others. She/he is free now. Feel that freedom and light, and spread it to others.

Be patient. Ask your parents to be patient. You will find a partner. Pray about it, and project that the perfect person will come to you. Get a new puppy (when you are ready) to bring joy back into your life and then spread that joy with others. Many blessings to you, JJK

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Loss In The Family (04/14/2009)
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