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Summary of Question:I Look Much More Aged Than I Am
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/11/2010 8:45 AM MDT

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sat sri akal veerji,
i am an 18 yr old sikh. everythin is wel. i am very happy and proud of maself being a sikh, and seriusly feel proud to stand out of da crowd.
i hav got very thick and quite a long beard and thick moustaches too. i feel gud. but da problem is pepole presume me to be much elder than da age i am. some presume i am 24 while sum say i seem to be 25. so ma question how shud i react in such a condition? shud i be silent? or shud i say da other person that he/she is wrong? plz suggest me wat shud i do in such a situation coz in such conditions wich i face, very often, i don't knw how to react to it. so, wat shud i do in such condition?

and also tel me dat is it true dat using hair-fixer(simco) and other such conditioners increase da beard faster than normal and make it bcum grey faster?

thx for ur help in advance.


Sat Nam,
It is best to always be honest. If someone is wrong just correct them politely and move on. If you look older it kind of gives you some added responsibility to act older and more mature. If people just assume you are 25 and don't ask they will expect you to act like a real grown up ... not just a teenager anymore. You always want to make the right impression so you either need to give them that information about yourself or step up and always be responsible, and when they find out how old you really are then they will think you are far more responsible and respectable for your age than other people. It is not a very big dilemma, it is just something you need to deal with in a graceful and responsible way.
Don't know anything about the hair conditioners. Be ware of people telling you that all those chemicals can really do anything good for you.


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