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Summary of Question:Why Religious Persons Are Called Or Seemed To Be A Low Class Peoples?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 8/27/2008 1:01 PM MDT

Waheguru ji ka khalsa!Waheguru ji ki fateh!

Why religious persons are called or seemed to be a low class peoples?

I am asking these question b'coz we all known that in shri guru granth saheba ji it is written that "ik ik saas amolak jaye hatha na ava lakhi" & shri guru gobhind singh had said " sikh nahi pyara manu rahat pyari hai".
I want to follow these both sentence of our guru's.But in these modern world no one has value for breadth they waste there breadth in talking,....,etc.In colleges lots of time waste in formalities,raging.. etc.Also when we are doing job then we have to follow there rules & then it does not become possible to follow our guru's sentences.Like according to our guru we should not wear bangles,earrings etc & cover our head all the time.I want to follow all our guru's rule.
But i don't have daring.B'coz then these world will not accept me.But our guru's also say "TisA TAHA BIRTHA KOI NAHI JO KARE HAR JANA KI CHINTA"-Shri sukhamani saheba ji.Please help to handle peoples?
I also want to get lots of time for gurbani atleast 3-4 hours.But in these hectic schedule & as everybody wants to be in a good economical position & want to be all rounder.We also have to entertain these society etc.How can we get time? i want to meet god? but for meeting him regularly giving 3-4 hours is not sufficient.But to live money is also imp. & now its too tough to earn money we have to work all day.How we will get much time for god?
Please guide me............

Dear one,

Your Nitnem is the daily formula of devotional recitation that is given for keeping your spirits high and in focus. Morning nitnem can take 45-1 hour plus. The Rehiras in the evening for 15 minutes and Kirtan Solhila before sleeping.

Start here and you will find openings here and there to increase your immersion. Community association and support helps. So, attract the people in your circle that also love Guru's recitation and meditation.

This is the Kal Yug and the worldly greedy ones are in the majority. Not to worry. It is also a great time for Guru's bani because the power of it in amplified by the negativity around us. It strengthens the power of what we in contrast do when we recite bani.

Bless you,


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Why Religious Persons Are Called Or Seemed To Be A Low Class Peoples? (08/27/2008)
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