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Summary of Question:Meaning Of Kirtan Sohila
Date Posted:Wednesday, 9/17/2003 8:38 AM MDT

Waheguruji ka khalsa, waheguruji ki Fateh,

I try to recite kirtan sohila paath every night. i just want to know the english translation of it so that i have a better undertsanding of it.
thank you.

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Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa
Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

Kirtan Sohila is so beautiful! It is the song of the merging of the Soul with the Infinite, based on the Aarti done every evening since Vedic times. It is so full of surrender and deep love. Here is my English translation of the bani:



I Know That I Am One With God. THIS IS THE TRUE GURU’s GIFT:

In the house where people meditate on God and chant His praises — in that house, sing God’s praises and ever remember Him.

Sing the Praises of the Fearless One. I devote myself to the Songs of Praise, which bring lasting peace.


God takes care of all His creatures twenty-four hours a day. The Giver of all watches over all of them. God’s Gifts are priceless. No one can give the way God gives.

The day of my wedding has been set. Come, my friends, gather together and pour the blessing-oil over the threshold. O friends, bless me that I may merge with God. This call comes to all homes. Such calls come every day. Meditate on the One who calls. O Nanak, the day draws near!


There are six paths, six teachers, and six teachings. But the Teacher of all teachers is the One who appears as many. O Baba: follow that path in which God’s Praises are sung. Following it you will become great.


The seconds, minutes and hours; the four watches of each day; the weeks the months and the four seasons of the year all come from our single sun. In the same way, all the ten thousand forms spring from the One Creator, O Nanak.


The offering plate is the evening sky, the sun and moon are the oil lamps. The stars and planets are the shining pearls. The fragrance of sandalwood growing nearby is the temple incense, and the wind is the fan. The night blooming Jasmine are the flowers laid upon the altar in offering to Thee, O Lord of Light. The vibration of the Universe is the sound of the temple drums. O, what a beautiful Aarti this is! This is Thy true Aarti, O Destroyer of Fear.


Thou hast thousands of eyes and Thou hast no eyes.

Thou hast thousands of forms and Thou art formless.

Thou hast thousands of Lotus Feet and Thou hast no feet at all.

Thou hast thousands of noses and Thou hast no nose.

Thy Play is enchanting.

Everything is filled with Light — the Light is Thee. The Light that shines in all beings is Thee. One sees the Light through the Guru’s Teachings.

God’s True Aarti is what pleases Him.

My mind is enchanted by God’s sweet Lotus Feet. I long for them day and night. Rain Thy kindness upon Nanak, the thirsty cuckoo, so that he may find happiness in Thy Name.


The village of my body was filled to overflowing with anger and sexual desire. I broke them both to bits when I met the Saintly one. By great destiny, I met the Saint and became filled with God’s Love.

Greet the Holy Saint with your palms together; this brings grace. Bow to Him; this brings honor.


Those who worship wealth and possessions cannot taste the sweetness of God within themselves. They are stuck with the thorn of their own self-importance. The further their minds stray from God, the deeper it pierces them, and the more pain they suffer, until finally, the club of the Messenger of Death smashes their heads.

People of God are filled with God’s Name, Har, Har. They have no fear of birth or death. They have merged with God, and are honored in all the worlds and realms.

O God, I am low and poor, but I belong to Thee. Save me, save me! O Greatest of the Great! Servant Nanak eats and drinks Your Name and he is filled with that peace that is beyond understanding.


O, my friend, listen to me, I pray you, Now is the time to serve the Saints! In this world, earn the profit of God’s Name, and when you leave this world you shall be honored.

Night and day, this life is wasting away. Meeting the Guru in your own mind, your affairs are all put in order.


This world is caught up in corruption and skepticism. Only those who know God are free. Only those who are awake in God and drink the Nectar of the Name can tell that story which can never be told.

You only came here to purchase the precious Name of God. Now, by Guru’s grace, your mind is full of God, and within the home of your own body, you easily and joyfully merge with God. You shall not be reborn again.

O Lord who knows all Hearts, O Primal One, Maker of Destinies, grant my dearest wish. Nanak, Thy slave, begs for this one joy: let me be the dust on the feet of Thy Saints.

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