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Summary of Question:Confused
Date Posted:Sunday, 6/07/2009 3:27 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akal

Im a 22 yr old guy.I seem To be very confused with my behaviour towards the persons im close to specially a frnd of mine who is a gal.
Whenever i call up and they didnt answer my Phone i expect a revert call back from them .When they didnt revert back i get angry with them and reason their reply with that they were busy or they forgot. I know they care about me but still if they care bout me they would have revert back .Is it just on my part to have such a feeling in me or im just being too clingy.?? I'm very confused with this thing.
One reason i might get angry with them could be that whenever i see a missed call on my phone i always reply back .I expect them to be same as i am to them.

Im very confused.Please help me out.Is it any attitude problem..??
Relax, cool it man. Woman do not call back to unknown numbers. SK


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Confused (06/07/2009)
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