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Summary of Question:How Do I Know If I Am Ready To Take Amrit?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 6/17/2009 6:01 PM MDT

i am a young teen part of a amridhari family. my parents are both amridhari and my younger brother took amrit when he was born. I want to take amrit but how am i supposed to know when i am ready? i go to keertan programs almost every weekend and i see all the pretty girls wearing dastaars. i want to wear a dastaar but i am afraid of what my friends and classmates will think. my parents do not pressure me to take amrit but lots of people are wondering when i am going to take amrit. other people especially older guys who do keertan at these programs pressure me into taking amrit. i am very confused as to what to do.

Dear Gurmehar,

Taking Amrit should never be defined by some deadline of age or other circumstances. Amrit should be taken only when your soul is ready and it calls for it. There should be no mistake in that kind of longing and no other person should ever be the influence in this for no reason at all even if you feel that all the reasons they have are good ones.

Learn to listen to your own soul. Sometimes listening or doing Kirtan is the best way of finding that connection with your soul and it can help you go deep within. Other times by doing your own Sahej Path. In other times it may be best to develop a daily spiritual practice consisting of meditations or even yoga. These are all tools for reaching your destination. They are just vehicles that will deliver you to you and Wahe Guru. Find what combination of things works best for you to find out who you really are inside. These tools just help you tune into your personal holy vibration or what we call Wahe Guru.

I recommend finding some meditations or books with meditations for your particular needs on these two websites. & . The websites are good sources of information on how to develop a deeper spiritual practice. And once you will grow more solid within yourself your soul may tell you when to take Amrit in its own accord.

I hope this helps.


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