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Summary of Question:Making Fun Of Sikhs
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 10/15/2008 10:52 PM MDT


i am a sikh, and i am proud of it, which i think every sikh should be, but there is one que in my mind, which kinda has been disturbing me. i recently saw this news which was saying that, sikhs have send some kind of notice to harbhajan singh, so what came to my mind was, these higher authorities of sikhs have time for all this, but they dont have any time for so many sites which are there on the internet, which are making fun of sikhs...i cant even count they....its so damn shameful...and on tv we can see every day that on one or the other program the some stupid people dress up like sikhs and make fun of us. for this these commanding people dont have any time. i think it is a big issue ...but our leaders dont have any time for this. they are busy making stupid rules no marriage at night...and all that stuff. i am sorry if i got rude ....i was really frustrated....and i want to ask that cant sikhnet do any thing to stop these sites and tv shows from making fun of us.....and then we say that sikh are fighters.....i dont know i cant understand the people who are at top and making decisions for us.
i hope u any my question....and dont neglect it.....and give me a straight answers .....Instead of those diplomatic once.......i am sorry onceagain...for my language....i am really frustrated with it.
hope u reply and soon
have a nice day

Blessings to you in your ability to deeply meditate and accept the Kal Jug as a time when your mediation can be so much stronger. The imbalances and insults around us have always been there
even in the time of our Gurus.

The real leaders are those that strive to balance and uplift as we do on Sikhnet, Sikh Coalition, United Sikh Organization and so many other groups. Put your energy into these places and the frustration will fall away.

Bless you,

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Making Fun Of Sikhs (10/15/2008)
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