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Summary of Question:No Control On Mind
Date Posted:Thursday, 9/18/2008 3:31 AM MDT

Sat siri akal Ji

Iam going through a very strange phase of my life. I am a professionally qualified and happiley married.But for last few months, I have noticed, I am loosing a control on my mind and negative thoughts, feelings some times my action taking my life in the direction of destruction. It feels like I become a self destructive.

For example, when I say to myself, I have to finish a job in next five minutes and I know I can do it but still I take ages to finish that.These things ruining my image in my in laws family.They say, I am very slow. But in reality, I know I am very good but these negative thoughs keeping me behind in my life.I can't control my mind and I do same job again and again.

Could you suggest any paath for that? I do Japji sahib and shabad hazaree in the morning and always pray to God to help me in this matter in my ardaas.


My dear,

You are a good person. Your system is just slowing down in 2 ways.

Please do 2 things to help yourself.

1. Run or briskly walk DAILY for minimum 20 minutes and make sweat on your brow.
This will increase your circulation and blood flow in your body and to your brain.

2. You must work on your breath.
Make a daily practice of doing pranayamm on the bani for 11 minutes as a meditation as follows.

Inhale your breath for 10 seconds....mentally chanting sa-ta-na-ma.
Hold your breath for ten seconds....." "
Exhales your breath for 10 seconds...." "

Start with ten and work up tp 20 seconds for each interval. This practice will give you more mental clarity and quiet your mind.



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No Control On Mind (09/18/2008)
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