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Summary of Question:Responsible For Ruining A Wonderful Life
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 8/04/2010 12:45 PM MDT

In 2009, I got involved with a co-worker who is married and have 2 daughters. On the onther hand even I am married and have 2 daughters. The only thing was and is that my husband lived away from us and he occasionally visited us. Somehow he came to know about my relation with this co-worker of mine, not through somebody but he had access to my email a/c, so he read all the emails that we exchanged. My husband spied on me, and later met me in the Gurudwara and wanted to end our marriage then and there, but i somehow managed to make him stay and promised him that i will change. But i kept on telling my husband that I won't see the other man, everytime he questioned or confronted me. He also tapped my phone and hired a private investigstor earlier this year. He visited us a few months ago and everything went fine after i told him everything about the illicit relation i had. Now as per today, my husband is not talking or taking my calls. I tried talking to him through my daughter, he told her to ask me what is the reason behind, i told my daughter that i cheated on your dad, as i was and am desperate to talk to him but he still didn't talk to me. It has been over a month that we didn't communicate.

My query to you is that is there any special path that i could do or hear as i want the marriage to work out. I know i have broken his heart don't know how many times, but he is a wonderful father and a husband, i want him to be with his girls and me. Please help me. Thankyou for your help in advance.


Sat Nam,

Here are a couple of things you can do.
Recite MATHAI TRITUKEE DRISHT KAPOOR - to bring harmony into marriage
MEETEE AAGI-AA PIR KEE LAAGEE - to bring trust in relationships
TOO MAYRAA SAKHAA TOO HEE MAYRAA MEET - to build relationship and take away personality conflicts & to accept the will of God and regain honor.

I am sure you understand that it may take a lot of time and a lot of work to fix your relationship. It is almost never only one person's fault when things like these happen in a relationship. This means your husband may need to do some work as well to reconcile. But you are a woman and you are more powerful than a man and there fore may be able to accomplish what you want with some strong effort.

There is another Shabad hat maybe good to do: KO-EE AAN MILAAVAI - this Shabad is designed to build intimacy in relationships, crate longing to belong & bring reunion to separated ones. I would suggest doing this one 25 times a day for a very long time.

You have your work cut out for you, but nothing is lost unless you give up completely.

Wish you all the best.


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