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Summary of Question:Balancing The Mind
Date Posted:Monday, 2/12/2001 8:35 PM MST

Sat Sri Akaal!!!

Before I ask for help I must first congratulate you for providing an excellent service to everyone. May you prosper forever.
I have a problem. Could you please help me in balancing my mind. I am being treated for mental disability-manic depression. In addition to taking the prescription I would want to know about natural ways to balance my brain. Whenever, my mind wanders I say Sat Naam Waheguru and I continue till it is gone. Still there are times when I just cannot control. Life really makes me seem hopeless at those times. This upsets me a lot. I would love if you could help me in any way.


Dear One:

Sat Siri Akaal. You have started in the right direction to control your mind through repetition of the Naam. This is wonderful.

The despair you speak of is in part a result of the chemical imbalances that cause your mental disability. You asked for natural ways to balance the mind. I can suggest several.

1. Seek out naturopathic healing modalities, such as Chinese or Ayur-Vedic medicine, homeopathy, etc. to complement your current medical care. One or another of these forms can assist in reducing the polar swings you experience.

2. Find a yoga class, ideally Kundalini Yoga. For Kundalini yoga, start here:
Regular practice of yoga can stabilize the chemicals in the brain and give you a strong base upon which to build your practice of the Naam.

If you cannot find a yoga class/in addition to a yoga class, take up regular physical exercise. Do whatever you enjoy: walking, jogging, martial arts, badminton, swimming, sports, etc.

3. Continue to practice the Naam, not only when you have those 'moments' but also as a regular practice, every day, for at least 11 minutes, but longer is better. Create a sacred space in your room or home to do this, or do it in a Gurdwara if you have one at home.

4. If you have a home Gurdwara or easy access to Siri Guru Granth Sahib, read from Siri Guru daily for 30-60 minutes, in Gurmukhi or English.

4. A very good meditation for the mind is Kirtan Kriya. Search this Youth Forum using those 2 keywords and you will find a great explanation of it.

Guru bless you with perfect health in all ways!

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Balancing The Mind (02/12/2001)
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