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Summary of Question:Scared To Ask About Impending Marriage
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 8/19/2009 10:06 PM MDT

I have a question that is perturbing me: Sometimes whenever we watch the wedding video of my uncle's marriage, my parents turn all silent and stern during the slow dance at the reception. And, whenever someone says "they look wonderful with each other!" my parents turn like that again. And, whenever I mention my marriage, they turn all stern and silent. What does that mean? I'm just afraid that I'll have to marry a stranger and that they frown upon every bit of affection that is shown between a married couple. P/S: We're Punjabi... It makes me quite angry and I would like a way to approach the topic of marriage w/ my parents but I don't know how. :(

p/s/s: my parents had an arranged marriage...

Please engage them and inquire about their marriage.
Perhaps they do not feel that love in their marriage. But do talk to them. SK

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Scared To Ask About Impending Marriage (08/19/2009)
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