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Summary of Question:My Family Is My Problem !!!
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Thursday, 10/16/2008 11:51 PM MDT


i am going to ask something really really important, I born and brought up in Delhi so many social figures and politians are my dad's friend however i am going to discuss few incidents that has happened with me in two weeks .

1. My uncle came to dinner two weeks back while exchanging few words with him he starts speaking on what has happened in 1984 when i go against his thoughts and gave other facts and figures that i had researched in google he can't reply my questions and said my father that this Boy is completely fanatic just because i praised saint jarnail singh in my answers for not leaving his conscience.

2. my dads friend(activist of RSS) came to home and told me that Sikhism is not at all a religion they are the one who are formed to save Hinduism however i couldn't stop myself and a long debate started after listening to him i just ask few questions that he couldn't reply.

a> A hindu marathi who was the worker of RSS killed mahatma gandhi at that
time no riot took place anywhere in India.

b> In 1984 two sikhs were charged with the murder of Indira gandhi why there
was a riot in which 13000 sikhs were brutally murdered in three days in
different parts of delhi if they were Hindus and why irresponsible statements were given by responsible politicians that when big tree falls earth shakes.
Hindus have proved this thing to the world that Sikhs are not hindus just by killing them.

After he left my father tried to threaten me that these people are so powerfull
see what is going on in orissa what i alone could do if 10 people will
surrounds you so better i should not talk on these topics.

I gave a thought on my father words for about two hours then a new question
comes in my mind that is while doing ardass we say ""Jinah singhan singhariyan
ne Dharam layee sees dete band band katwai khopadeyaan luhaiyaan charkhareyaa te chade aareyaa naal cheeree gayee dharam nahi chadeyaa oohna piyareyaan di kamai da dhyan karke khalsa ji bolo ji waheguru"" if we cannot implement ardass in our daily life it's of no significance.

Conclusion: I think this is complete domination.

Now who is writing the Sikh history for the last 100 years and from where I can find the truth because what many people say many things because there is no where documented what exactly happened....

For how long i will debate on Sikhism and say this thing that we are not hindus coz whensover i do that i have to face so many things that cannot be answered by me alone?

For how long Sikhs will beleave that sikhs are not hindus however i think one
day these people will gonna prove that we(Sikhs) are hindus.

The big problem with me is that i follow my heart always i do what my heart says but now i am forced to beleave that i am wrong by family and my friends,
but when i ask this question to myself my heart says they are wrong..
Dear one, Forgive your family and bless each one of them.
Then, do your daily practice, your nitnem and gain the depth and insight to not take everything so personally. Some day they will admire your wisdom. For now, you must detach yourself from your emotions and grow in love and devotion for Wahe Guru.


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My Family Is My Problem !!! (10/16/2008)
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