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Summary of Question:Disrepected By My Grandfather
Date Posted:Friday, 10/10/2008 8:32 PM MDT


i am 16yr old boy. my mom is sikh and my dad was a hindu that converted to chistion. i fully believe in SIKHISM and the teachings of the gurus. my dads family are all hindu. i went to my grandfathers house from my dads side one day. i gave him a hug and greeted him. he saw my kara and told told me, "why are you wearing a kara you aren't a punjabi/sikh?!" he said it in a disrespectful tone. and all my dads family are trying to convert me to hinduism. i do not agree with all the hindu beliefs of all the gods and dieties and aarti and all of the stuff they do. so why should i be called a hindu if i do not believe that. i am a sikh and my dad's family does not accept that. what can i do to have them accept me as a SIKH and NOT A HiNDU?

My dear young beautiful Khalsa ji,

You are beautiful and you are blessed with a challenge to your focus. All great people get challenges to strengthen their focus and their path.

Your grandfather has different ideas. Be brave and grateful you are you with your path of grace.......and smile at him and bless him. He may never accept your choice. It is not important to win his approval.
Rather, love your life and love him as he is in his limitation. You can say to yourself when this happens, "in the name of the Guru I bless you and forgive you". Some day you may share your wisdom with him when there is no disappointment

God bless you dear one,


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Disrepected By My Grandfather (10/10/2008)
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