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Summary of Question:Animal/ Alcohol Derivative Drugs?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 11/26/2009 11:35 AM MST

Vahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

I was wondering whether it is ok for Sikhs to take drugs with animal substances or alcohol in them? As some common child pain reliefs,etc, contain beef gelatine? Of course if it was killed by Halal then it's a definite no no i'm guessing. Of course you could say that many hand washes contain alcohol but many religions have different views on drugs and i was interested in what Sikhs think.

Thank You


Sat Nam,

All advice on this matter is very subjective. You really need to figure out where you stand on situations like this yourself. Many things can be acceptable if they are for medicinal purpose only. Of course every time you need to use your judgment and see if there is anything better, in a way of medicine, may be available. But if not, and the medicine you have is the one,then you may need to take it. Don't blame yourself for it.
Sometimes when people go for surgeries they have to shave hair on a part of their body. Does that mean they broke their vows? I don't think so, but some people may feel different. When something is done out of seriousness of necessity, you may need to do what is the best thing at the moment even if you have to sacrifice a little.


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Animal/ Alcohol Derivative Drugs? (11/26/2009)
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