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Summary of Question:Best Way To Keep A Short Beard Neat?
Date Posted:Sunday, 12/21/2008 11:46 PM MST

Hello all, I have a short beard that looks a bit messy if I don't comb it, my mustache does not join with my beard forming a goatee either (if you know what I mean). I've tried using hairspray and such but it doesn't really keep it down. Tying it would be useless since it is not long enough, and I guess if there is no other solution I can keep it free although I would like to find a way to make it look neater. It would be awesome if you guys could recommend any oils or hairsprays you guys use. Thanks in advance.

None of us use any stuff like that. Just use some Almond oil and be patient, your beard will grow.
Open and free is fine.

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Best Way To Keep A Short Beard Neat? (12/21/2008)
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