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Summary of Question:Why Am I Angry At Waheguru?
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Sunday, 11/09/2008 5:54 AM MST

Sat Sri Akal,

I am a university student and nearly a year ago my boyfriend split up with me out of the blue. I became very depressed, we maintained contact via texts, telephoning and facebook messages. I turned to Waheguru and gurbani; I prayed every day for me to become healthy again and for him and me to work it out. So many times we nearly did. But then slowly he deleted me off facebook after I wrote him a poem straight from my heart and I have never done that before. He then stopped responding to my texts and calls and a couple of months ago he changed his number. I some how passed my exams, my mum prayed that I would pass every day, my health got better. I carried on praying but recently, I have not prayed as much, I feel angry at Waheguru, even though I shouldn't, I feel punished and cannot understand why I am still going through so much pain, while my ex is happy and successful in everything. I have an injury which is affecting my health and I cannot even walk properly and it is impacting on every aspect of my life. My mum is doing Sukhmani Sahib everyday for me and I want to pray but feel so let down. I shouldn't be angry, everything else in my life is fine. Please forgive me for what I said.



Dear one,
You are carrying the anger of the disappointment in love and blaming Wahe Guru.
However, there is no blame for anyone. It was a sequence of events with no real commitment. The anger is resulting from your emotional pain.

You are hurt emotionally, as you have said...everything else in you life is OK.
So, best to let the anger out through your emotions so you do not have the burden of carrying it anymore.
You an express your anger by working out and sweating. For example, hit a tennis ball with a racket against a wall and express your anger for the actions of this man who let you down ( or run a mile, hit a pillow with your fists and express). After you have safely expressed this anger in this activity, you can sit down and recite Gurbani, sing gurbani, and meditate on "Mera Man Loche gur darshan Taa-ee......" shabd from Shabd Hazaray by Guru ARjan Dev ji. Finish up and then take a hukam from SGGS and read it's translation in English so you understand the Gurus' message.
You will receive amazing insights and information and guidance. DO this for 3 months daily. You will find that you were given a gift when this man left you, because your life will become much greater.

Much love to you to 'keep up' and welcome the challenges and use Wahe Guru to get through.

Bless you.

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Why Am I Angry At Waheguru? (11/09/2008)
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