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Summary of Question:Which Ardas?!
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 2/28/2001 11:37 AM MST

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i've heard several variations of the ardas and i'm confused as to which is the correct one.when i asked my mum this she said that ardas is a very personal thing and can be varied.but this doesnt make sense as there isnt any point in having a 'set/standard' ardas is there?this is only something minor but i just wante to clarify the situation

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Ardas was given to us by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The first part invokes God and the blessings of first nine Gurus. The second part recounts the events in the life of the Tenth Guru, the subsquent Sikh history, the struggles faced, and the sacrifices so many have made so that we could be here today.

The third part comes from your own heart, and if doing ardas in the Satsangat - from the hearts of everyone present through the one who is speaking. It may relate to a special purpose or the occasion or it may not.

In the end, we pray for the blessing of all humanity: "Oh Nanak! Those who truly know who they are, live in excellence and ecstacy! By thy Word, may everyone in the world be so blessed!"

Your mum is right. The opening of our ardas is set up to this point:

ek-oangkar waheguru ji ki fateh sri bhagauti ji sehae var sri bhagauti ji ki patshahi deswi. Prethem bhagauti simer kay, Gur Nanak lein thiae fer Angad Gur te Amardas, Ramdas ey hoe sehae, Arjan Hargobind nu, simro Sri Har Rai, Sri Harkrishen theayeh, jet dithe sab dukh jae, Tegh Bahadur simriye, ghar no nidh avey thae sabh thae hoe sehae, Deswa Patshah Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji, sabh thai hoe sehae desa patshahia di jot, Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji dey path didar da, thean thar ke bolo ji Waheguru!

Punja piarea, coha sahebzadia, chalia mukhtea, hethia, jepia, tepia, jena nam jepia, wand shekia, degh celayi, tegh vahi dekh ke andith kita, tina piarea, secarea di kemai da thian kar ke, Khalsa ji, bolo ji Waheguru!

Also the closing is set:

akher vada khata phul cuk maf karni ji. serbet de karej ras karne ji sei piaremel, jina melia tera nam chet avey nanak nam chardi kela, tere phane serbat da bhela. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh!

In between, you speak from your heart with total openess, love and grace.


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