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Summary of Question:Time Usage And Seeing God In All
Date Posted:Monday, 10/19/2009 12:39 AM MDT

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fatheh

I currently a student grade 12 student. I always feel that I don’t have time for everything including my path, schoolwork, volunteering, sleep, and exercing. I know that these things are important, but I trying to balance it all. Path does help me. I try to do my Japji Sahib in the mornings, but if I get up too early I am tried during the day and at school. Then I come home and take a nap. After an hour I get up and then do homework and study for a bit. Due starting homework late, I don’t go my evening Kickboxing class and I miss out Rehrass with my family. I also feel that I get distracted easily, but I also do take some time studying and with homework. I have tried to approach this in a couple different ways. I also do use a planner. Including down sizing my course load to make it more manage and still have all the ones I need to get in the Universities of my choice. Sometime I go to bed around 1 or 2 as I had catch up with my new course load on top of learning the material being taught in class. This isn’t something new. I want have more balance and be able to keep up with everything and be at my best. When I had more going on, I was always doing my path, but now it something that happens as I get ready or not at all. I do however listen of simran through the day as I work and walk.

Also I have a question about seeing God in all. For myself I try to see this as certain people serving themselves to you by being themselves and making the person you are and getting where you need to get. By being themselves including the choices the make and actions taken positive and negative. This somewhat works me, but its hard to see God in someone who causes harm.

Thank you for your help and time.
You have a very busy intense schedule. Perhaps schedule 3 days a week for Path with your family rather than every day and proceed with all your expectations on a schedule. Do not expect so much from yourself. You are pushing to do everything ALL the time. Rather, be grateful for the great variety in your life. Play your nitnem when you do your COLD shower in the a.m. Recite while you are preping your food or walking to class or on the bus. Sounds to me like YOU ARE YOUR BEST and just not satisfied with yourself. Complement yourself periodically on how well you are doing. Kindness begins at home......with yourself.

Seeing God in all is a tricky one. Yet, God created all polaritied. So understand that everything has to contain the negative and the positive and the nuetral. You do not have to like all that GOD IS. SK

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Time Usage And Seeing God In All (10/19/2009)
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