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Summary of Question:Women Reading Guru Granth Sahab
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 10/31/2008 10:32 PM MDT

Dear Seniors, we are hindu faimly and follow Guru Granth Sahab with complete Shardha and Prem. We belong to Karachi Pakistan. Guru Maharaj are at our home now a days as we have started Sahaj Path in the memory of 300 saal Guru de Naal. As path is goin on, faimly want to ask weather it is allowed to read Guru Granth Sahab during restricted/special days(periods) of Women. I have also checked Rahat Maryada but could not find the answer. Pls. respond in detail on my email. This is urgent. Thanks.


My dear,
All is fine with women reading from Baba-ji any time. This idea that women are unclean during their month;y menses is archaic and not relevant to our practice.

Please invite all the women to read in your Sehej Path. This is fine.



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Women Reading Guru Granth Sahab (10/31/2008)
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