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Summary of Question:Belive In God Will It Remains
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Friday, 4/11/2008 5:55 AM MDT

I am 31 yr old hindu punjabi guy,taken naamdan from radhaswami satsang beas, i m in love with a mohd.girl from last two years and we both are agreed to marry but in november she left india for haj and promised that we will marry when she came back, now in march she came back but totally changed now she said she will marry with a mohd.guy and even not ready to talk with me i m very upset from last month bcs everytime i heard in satsang and gurbani that all religions are same and i have no problem with her religion then why she left me bcs of religion , but i have still fatih in god, from last two days i have start chaliya of gurdwara bangla sahib and also doing path of japji sahib in morning,i belive something positive definetly happens in my life otherwise i will commit suicide after 40 days complition of chaliya.


It is a very positive thing what you are doing. Be careful, though, not to have expectations as to what the outcome should be. Maybe this girl not wanting to marry you is the very best thing that could happen to you. Perhaps this is Guru's Will. Get suicide out of your mind, which is definitely not Guru's Will. Life is a gift form God. It is up to us to finish our karmas as gracefully as possible, so we can go home. Ending our life pre-maturely will only interupt that process. Go inside, chant God's name and allow His blessings to flow to you. Blessings, JJK

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Belive In God Will It Remains (04/11/2008)
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