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Summary of Question:Forget My Past
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 9/01/2010 8:32 AM MDT


I am getting married next year to a wonderful man he's very caring and honest but the problem is when i was young i made a mistake and got into a relationship with someone wrong, he was constantly calling me and threatning me he will come to my house and tell my mum and dad about our past or ruin my life, i changed my number so he cannot contact me but im really scared he will do something to me to ruin my beautiful future which is waiting for me, i really love my husband to be i want to ask guru ji for forgivness and make this horrible man leave me alone and to go far away from me please help me please


Sat Nam,

Is there a way to report this other man for harassment or get a restraining order against him ?? That maybe the best thing to do if you can.
Otherwise try praying for him to be a good man. Doing So Purkhs 11 times a day may help... but you may need to resort to more immediate and drastic measures.


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Forget My Past (09/01/2010)
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