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Summary of Question:Sikh Girls Prefering Hindu Boys - Lost Pride
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Sunday, 3/29/2009 6:10 AM MDT


I just want to bring this to the notice of entire sikh community, the increasing trend of sikh gals marrying hindu boys. i understand very much that everybody is free to whatever they wish to, but this trend is not only because of free thinking but also arising from not being proud of being a sikh.
It has become a fashion for sikh gals to marry Christian guys because they consider this cool to marry somebody with a name of peter or something.
This will increasingly bring pressure on the sikh religion when the offspring of these gals will further prefer to practice hindu or christian religion because they are easier to follow, nobody makes fun of them being sardars, or it is cool to hang a cross or have an english name.
Though the parents of these gals want them to marry sikh guys but the gals force there parents.
I know to some people i might be sounding like an old fashioned guy but this is a big a reality and we will have to face it.For any religion to survive and go forward it is very important for a mother to teach the kid about the religion. And if mother herself converts and doesn't believe in her religion then it is going to be extremely difficult for the religion to move forward.
Even parsi's are facing similar problems, but the good thing is they are aware of these issues and trying to address them rather than like we sikhs who are just not bothered about how the youth population perceives their religion, how to motivate the youth to follow the religion.

WHAT YOU ARE DESCRIBING IS THE WEAKENING OF VALUES. Survival of the the religion should not be the focus. in a value system that gives mastery and meaning to life is most important. If the religious practice is empty than choosing one empty religious practice over another is relative.

When the practice gives real elevation and inspiration and mastery, then you have something of value to share. Women and men need values and lifestyle to give meaning and juice to their lives. I believe that this is a temporary situation. Sikhee is a great technology of transformation and evolution. When the practice is taught correctly and without pollution you will see a big change. SK

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Sikh Girls Prefering Hindu Boys - Lost Pride (03/29/2009)
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