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Summary of Question:Sikhs Are Very Influential Personalities !!!
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Monday, 12/08/2008 8:37 PM MST

Hi Sikhnet,

How are you,I got to know about Sikhnet from one of my friend in Delhi university hoeever I am from New Delhi India this is the first time i am writing to you and i am a Hindu.
This is in regard to sikhism and Punjabi language as i am very influnced by my neighbours who are Sikhs,i found them very down to earth humble personalities as contrary to it my father has a very negative impression for Sikhs he always speak negative for Sikhs.

I went to gurudwara Nanak Piao as it is very near to my house i have seen everybody doing seva there few Sikhs were cleaning the sarovar,Some are doing seva in the langer hall, many of them i found are cleaning footwear and my friend(gurmokh singh ) told me that they are doing it voluntarily and when i have been to the gurudwara the ragis were reciting Arti that was communicated to me by gurmokh singh though i could not understand punjabi but i was feeling deep peace there ,So i decided to wait until arti is completed and beleave me that evening i really enjoyed in gurudwara ..

Moreover than that i have seen people dancing on punjabi Music and in DJ party's all of them demand for Punjabi Songs really doesn't matter which background and culture they belong to when i say background i am talking about maharashtrans, Bengalis from Bengal,South Indians from Chennai and Karnatka and also North Indians from UP many of them doesn't even know punjabi but they want to dance on punjabi songs and demand DJ to play punjabi songs I have seen this in Delhi University Annual Bash when everybody did bhangra whole night..

So Basically i was researching on this matter that Is this something in Punjabi or in Punjabi language that makes people Dance in DJ party's and when that punjabi is recited in Gurudwaras in the form of Gurbani it gives a feeling of peace to everybody there or there is something else that makes it so, I understand that this seems to be a awkward question but beleave me i am really thinking on this and writing an Article in our University magazine and the heading i gave it to is the THE ESSENCE OF PUNJABI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE.

Warm Regards
Geeta Goel

My dear,
Yes, I love the invigorating spirit of the rythym and sound of Bangara done by the Punjabi farmers.

But the Bani of the Guru, the shabds that you sing and hear in the Gurdwara are a very special sound current of elevation to the human being. The Siri Guru Granth Sahib has a sound pattern. The neurons of the brain have a pattern and when the tongue strikes the upper pallet in reciting the Gurbani it creates a corresponding pattern which gives the human reciting it an experience of bliss.


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