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Summary of Question:Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 10/16/2008 7:28 AM MDT

This is to inform you that we are residing at Burdwan west bengal the sikh population is very low .Earlier our forefathers had built three gurdwaras in competition amoung themselves.Now the situation is that nobody is interested to take care of the properties .Hence requesting you to send a good ragi jatha/katha kar who can teach/educate us.As on date nobody is interested to take the charge of Prabhandak Committee too.Kindly contact the existing commttee and plan something on long term basis..Here we have historical Gurdwara also one is at Burdwan and other one is at Katwa, that is also in Burdwan District.Kindly look the matter seriously and oblige...


Dear one,
This is a forum for the youth to ask questions.
The Gurdwara situation changes as populations migrate and change. A practical measure would be to consolidate your 3 Gurdwara's into one that can be supported by the community and hire a Giani
to come and do the teaching. Your community is at hand to look seriously into the matter.



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Sikhism (10/16/2008)
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