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Summary of Question:The Sikh Way
Date Posted:Saturday, 9/05/2009 6:18 AM MDT

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

I am presently working in Dubai, UAE. I have not cut my hair till now. I am 26 years old. I was doing pehli pauri path from JAPJI SAHIB. I also use to drink alcohol every second day. I am now doing JAPJI SAHIB path daily and the urge of drinking is leaveing me. I am now drinking once in a week at the weekend. All of my known people are drinking here and so I am not able to skip it. I am also very fond of meat but we don't get jhatka meat here so whatever we get I am eating.My dad is also drinking and whenever I go and meet him in India, I drink with him. I want to ask that can I stop drinking alcohol and keep on eating meat because I like it a lot.

Sometimes I feel I am loosing myself and moving away from the religion. I am also not able to find a match because most of the girls are looking for clean shaven persons. Please tell me some way through which I can take some decision. I am on a bridge and can't find out which way to go. One way is leave everything and follow the way of guru and which means I cannot eat meat and the second way is remove my facial hairs and keep on tying the turban.I am in dilemma and not able to find out the solution. The dark side is luring.

Please guide me.....


Sat Nam,
You either do it or you don't. It sounds like you would want someone else to do it for you. We are not miracle workers and even if we were ... it would be still your own responsibility to make choices in life and stick with them.


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