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Summary of Question:Hemkunt Sahib:Urgent!!
Date Posted:Monday, 4/28/2008 1:32 PM MDT

hello,me and my mum we are in a strange situation.we are going to india in june,and my mums best friend there wants to go to a place called Auli.this place is near hemkunt sahib.i told my mum we cant go there and ignore hemkunt we shld either go both places or not go.however my mum put this issue foward to her friend however her and her hsuband have only got 5 days holidays and we went to Hemkunt when i was turnign 16 so it did take quite a few days.the other problem is that they are khatri (hindu) and they do not even want to go to there religious place of badrinath.and auli is a ski resort which is located 47km away.personally i feel this is wrong my mum agress but she says if it is not in our destiny.because we asked my massi's to come but ther old so they can come.i urgetnly need a repley back please because we need to book tickets to auli or any other place we want to visit in india and plusi wanted to go hemkunt bcs i was truning 18. thank you for your help.

Sat nam. There is nothing I can really do for you to change your mum's mind. Pray to Guru Gobind Singh that the plans be changed. It really does take a few days to get up there and back. Evidently, religious pilgrimages are not on their list, they are on yours. Or make a promise to Guru that you will get there the next time. Goodluck.
Guru ang sang,

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Hemkunt Sahib:Urgent!! (04/28/2008)
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