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Summary of Question:Financial Problem
Date Posted:Tuesday, 7/20/2010 4:39 AM MDT

Satnaam Babaji/biji

My Santosh from the pakistan baba i am asking me this second time please answere my question,Thanks....

Baba/Biji My question is that me & my family is facing financial problem , I am doing path 5 banies of japji 1 asthpathi of sukumani shaib & dukh bhajani shaib and rehras shaib & i got sunder ghothka, please whatelse should i do to get the guruji 21 days sukhmani shaib i dont know what else should i ask, but i do something is that solution of my problems is in the gurbanis so please help i will be thanks to u .............thanks..


Sat Nam,

25th Paury from Japji was always the one for prosperity. Repeat either 11 or 25 times a day. Doing 11 times a day : Ek Ong Kaar Sat Gurprasad Sat Gurprasad Ek Ong Kaar helps as well.
There are also lots and lots of Shabads you can do for prosperity. I suggest you chose one or two of them and see what resonates best. I'll give you a few here. You can find them all here on SikhNet in Kirtan section.

1.HUKAMEE VARSAN LAAGAY MAYHAA - to bring abandance
2.HAAR BHAGATA HAR DHAN RAAS HAI - prosperity in business
3. JAA TOO MAYRAI BAL HAI - to bring prosperity and wealth, to bring security and alleviate fear
4. NIDH SIDH RIDH HAR HAR HAR MAYRAI - to bring wealth and prosperity
5. KAAHAY RAY MAN CHITVEH UDAM - to bring wealth and prosperity
6. JEE-A JANT SUPRASAAN BHA-YA - to bring relief from debts
7. BHALEE SUHAAVEE CHHAAPAREE - to develop strength and fulfilment from accepting the Will of God

Doing Gobinde Mukande Udare Apare Hariang Kariang Nirname Amakme concentrating on all that is blocking you in life from prosperity will remove the blocks and help you achieve what you want.

Good Luck,

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Financial Problem (07/20/2010)
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