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Summary of Question:Guru Granth Sahib Ji
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Tuesday, 10/07/2008 4:58 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akaal;

i am blessed to have Guru Ji's prakash at home. i have a few questions
my dad does not know how to do prakash of Baba ji so a group of ladies come at home every monday and do Maharaj Ji's prakash and do Sukhasan after 3-4 hours after satsang. so Baba Ji remains in Sukhasan for a Week. i was wondering if it is wrong to do this. however Guru Ji's darbar (Baba ji's room) is kept as clean as possible and we go every morning to take darshan from Baba ji. i am able to read Gurmukhi and i know how to do prakash, however my dad doesnt let me do prakash of Baba ji. Guru ji's Sukhasan is not done in a seperate room but in the same room and on the manji sahib. i think this is Beadbi, but all the Sikhs i know who have Guru ji's prakash do Sukhasan in the same room and on the manji sahib.
we also have Guru granth sahib ji in 2 sainchies.which we keep in a cupboard on a seperate shelf and have placed a rumalla on Guruji. i am worried that both my Dad and i have commited countless paaps and beadbis against Guru JI. we do our best to serve Guru ji. the saroop of baba Ji has been in our family for almost 85 years and a few of the Angs are torn. we have however taken Guru Ji to the Gurdwara so that the angs can be mended i know that i have asked alot but please help me.

Blessings to you,

Your Baba-ji is in Sukhasan most of the week. It does take a daily committment to do Prakash and Sukhasan. This is a great practice and you may be quite capable. On this question, I would continue to discuss with your father your interest in doing the daily prakash and sukhansan. Ask him to give you a chance to prove your reliability and suggest that you do it together, so he can learn the process and understand your proficiency.

It is not required to have 2 rooms for the Guru: one for sukhasan and one for prakash. Your setup is fine. For your Sanchie's in the cupboard, I would suggest putting a small ramala up for a canopy over them. This you can tack up.

All seems to be in place. Your father is doing correct according to his ability. And now he has you to help.


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Guru Granth Sahib Ji (10/07/2008)
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