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Summary of Question:Issues With My Family Background
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Saturday, 11/08/2008 12:56 AM MST

Hi Sikhnet

This is the first time i have been writing to you,, the problem is with my girlfriend and my family, my girlfriend is a Sikh However her father is totally against jatt Sikhs,Her father is telling her that jatt Sikhs are the idiot Sikhs who doesn't know anything apart from farming and these kind of idiots will gonna spend their whole life in mud and he doesn't want her daughter to be with idiot farmers family.

On the same time my father is saying that Bhapa Sikhs are the most clever ones among the Sikhs they never sacrifice for the panth when so ever panth needs them and 90% of them are known for their cheating,double cross and always you will find them in some kind of fraud.

They are the ones who are embarrasing Sikhs so i should always be careful in dealing with them.They are disgrace to sikhism..

But both of us like each other and also both of us are nervous because of our family attitudes,Is there any way out in this kind of scenario?Please suggest .

Dear ones,

Your familyies are relating to the most limited and emotional issues that have nothing to do with Sikhee.
If you would like to cultivate and firm up your friendship in marriage, I suggest you get the aid of a wise and respected member of your community or your families to speak on your behalf. You are adults and can do as you choose. You are nit Jatt, you are not Bappar. On this day of Guru Nanaks advent into the world we remember his message that we are all one within the ONE.

God bless you,


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Issues With My Family Background (11/08/2008)
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