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Summary of Question:Hair Cutting
Date Posted:Thursday, 6/07/2001 11:58 PM MDT

Why is it ok for Bhudist people to cut their hair and still be attached to spirtuality. Why the rules are different for them and diffrent for us. Some cover their heads and some don't in the house of God's(religious institutions)?

One Father, many children and how come many diffrent ways to reach to the Father?


Dear One:
Sat Siri Akal. The simple answer to your queries above: That's the way it is.

There are too many different peoples with different lifestyles, cultures, and perspectives for the world to have ONE way for EVERYONE to reach the Father. So the Buddhists have their way, the Catholics have their way, the Muslims have their way, the Sikhs have our way, etc. etc. By extension, whether or not people cover their heads as part of their faith, in or outside of their religious houses of worship, is also governed by the path that they follow.

Guru Gobind Singh in his "Kabiyo Bach Benati Chaupa-ee" in pauri 17 says: "People, according to their different understanding, describe God differently. God's limits and extent cannot be known. How the world was first created cannot be known." So you see, this has been recognized as a fact of life in Sikhi all along.

If you have additional questions about hair (and turban), please see this Sikhnet Youth Forum by Category, and you will find many queries/replies discussing why Sikhs keep their hair and cover their heads.

God bless you,

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Hair Cutting (06/07/2001)
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