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Summary of Question:Haunting Past
Date Posted:Sunday, 3/01/2009 8:43 AM MST

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I have a question here. My background is that i was always bullied as child, and had a past as well as not performing to my best in school though I could have done so and as well as being a person who could never open much to people, always kept to myself. Now that is much better anyways. i am presently 25.

There was also a girl I was dating, its been a year and half since she left me however, I cannot seem to forget, and regret the stupidity I did which led to her leaving me. It was nothing bad I did, but just that i had no self confidence as a man that she left.. well who would blame her for that since no woman wants a guy with no confidence.

my questions are 1. how can i let go of my past? is there any paath or meditation i can do for this? 2. i always tend to think negative, how do i change to think neutral of positive better? 3. i want to be open, but i find it hard to articulate myself how do i improve? 4. finally, how do i get over this girl, i really want to, but i just cannot face it since i really liked her and i was foolish then.

please answer my questions, I will be very grateful.
Dear one, there is no good or bad, thnking makes it so. Win your mind and you win the world.

Forgive yourself and forgive GOD for making you like this. Then, drop it!!! You are perfect as you are and start cultivating seeing yourself as FINE< PERFECT<WONDErFUL etc.
I would reccomend that you give up your regret over the past. Give all your shortcomings to yhe Guru. Let Wahe Guru deal with what He has done. And then.....you take up a MARTIAL ARTS class and get some center and confidence in yourself. Also, take up a dancing class and have some fun. Simple< WORK ON YOUR NAVAL CENTER WITH THE MARTIAL ARTS and work on your heartcenter and relax with the dancing. Bless you,

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Haunting Past (03/01/2009)
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