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Summary of Question:In Regard To Sri Dasam Granth !!!!
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 10/06/2009 11:00 AM MDT

This is in regard to the confusion that i had for sri dasam granth ...

One side in the bani of Chaupai sahib it is written that

"Ram rahim puran quran, anek kahain mat ek na manyo."
"Sinmrit Shaastra Bed sabhai bahu bhed kahai ham ek naa jaanyo
"Sri asipaan kripaa tumri kar mai na kahyo sabh tohe bakhaanyo"
Here Guru ji said that Guruji is not agreed to theories of ram Raheem Koran Puraan.Guruji is also not agreed to the sinmrat shastras veds and other stories of Hinduism.

So question is how can Guruji can do IDOL WORSHIP, If yes then why there is a need of Akaal (The Supreme Infinity) so Either Guruji follows Kali or Akaal.
but can't follow both simultaneously because it creates conflict.

It's straight away targets the Philosophy of Sikhism
which says "" God is one, His name is truth,The Creator,Without Fear,Without hate,Beyond Time Beyond Birth and Death "" The Supreme Infinite Truth....

As per Bachittar Natak it is written that Guru ji himself said "MAHAKAAL KALIKA (Hindu Goddess Kali,Durga ) ARADHI" Had guru ji Worshipped Chandi(Durga,kali)?? If yes then As contrary to it GURUMAT condems the worshipping of GODS and Goddesses.

On one side Guruji is saying Aageyaa bhai Akaal Ki Tabe Chalaiyoo Panth Sab Sikhaan Ko Hukm Hai Guru Maineyoo Granth.
Guru ji said Ageyaa bhai Akaal Ki (The order of Infinity) that confirms that Sikhs dont follow Idol worship on the other hand how can Guruji worship Chandi by saying "Mahakaal kalika Aradhi" , Its a Conflict that leeds to confusion.

I sometimes think in the mid of 18 century when all gurudwaras were taken care by Mahants and brahmans (Hindus) with the help of east India Company it could be a possibility that they (Brahmins) made some ammendmends in our granths.. Cutting down chaupai sahib and Anand sahib etc are some of the examples....

Recently we had a Debate with some Hindus For Sikhism, In which Hindus Won
The Point raised by them was that Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji was Follower of Maa Kali , Guruji mentioned about her powers in Bachhittar Natak and Chandi di war so if Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji created the Khalsa If he was Follower Of Maa Kali that means SIKHS are HINDUS because Maa Kali was a Hindu Goddess and all of us were quite at that Time , There was a dead Silence ,however we cannot oppose that statement because under any circumstances No Sikh could afford to say anything against Sri Guru Gobind singh ji.........

whats your openion on this !!!!!!!!!!!!
False reasoning. Guru Gobind Singh destroyed the Diety worship by placing his light into the SHABD GURU which over powers and replaces all previous attachments to dieties and personalitites.SK

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In Regard To Sri Dasam Granth !!!! (10/06/2009)
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