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Summary of Question:Loss Of Faith
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Sunday, 5/13/2001 2:15 PM MDT

Khalsa Ji...all of a sudden my strong and unshakable faith has been blown to bits...and the worst part,i'm the one who did it...i did Nitnem the entire month of March...all the 7 Banis during AmritVela...and i wasn't regular during soon as May started,i forgot everything...i wasn't prepared very well for my final exams...the entire semester i didn't cheat on a single exam...left it to GuruJi...such strong was my faith!...during my finals week,which was last week,i had strong faith in GuruJi for my first 4 exams in which i didn't cheat...but the last one was a course which i was taking for the second time...i wanted to get through this unfortunately i had to cheat...a few hours before the exam at home i was praying to Guru Gobind Singh to help me...but i ended up cheating :( ...i hope GuruJi forgives me the way He forgave the 40 muktey...i'm feeling so guilty right now...please guide me...i want to get back to the Banis...SatSriAkaal!!

Remember every action has a reaction equal and opposite. Newton's law and the law of karma as well.

This is not a Sikh issue. This is a morality issue. Don't confuse one with the other. The Guru as well as every other religion and teacher teaches truthful living.

You will have to accept whatever karma comes from this action. The good news is that with each breath you have a chance to live an honorable life.

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Loss Of Faith (05/13/2001)
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