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Summary of Question:Need Help
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 11/10/2008 9:31 AM MST

i m proud that i belong to a sikh family....i love all the practices of sikhism....i feel guilty at times about what i m about to mention....but still i need ur guidance...the thing is i m otherwise pretty girl...but i 've got very thin hair of medium length...when i tie my hair in does'nt looks good...and hair volume is not sufficient for a this moment i m not prepared to adopt keski...i want help...i at times wish to leave my hair open tied up with a band at top....but for that i'll have to trim them a little from the bottom....this is what can solve my problem..but my heart feels little heavy when i think of this....i don't wax my body hair or make my brows..i don't want it either...but i wish to look neat with tidy hair...plz help....i know it makes no sense..but i m of marrigeable age n everybody wants me to look my best

sat sri akal
Dear one, I believe someone is telling you that you have to trim your ends.
You are telling yourself that your hair is thin and does not look good. But truth is that after the first look, your personality is what comes in to play. You have a conviction to keep your hair. I will not tell you to trim your hair. So why are you asking? Feel wonderful and gracious that you care for your KESH and celebrate your appearance with confidence. Do not let someone else's opinion color your feelings about yourself.

How about if I told you that when you put on a turban, your hair will grow thicker? Would you do it?
For now, stop worrying about your hair. You have chosen to keep it free. Love it and brush it and massage your scalp regularly and your hair will shine with happiness and glow.

Bless you,

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