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Summary of Question:Drawing Out A Kirpan
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/20/2003 9:42 PM MDT

Wahe Guru Jee Da Khalsa Wahe Guru Jee Ki Fateh..

Some people have told me that when ever i withdraw my kirpan from its sheath i must draw blood from my hand and only then put the kirpan back..

my question is that if the above stated is true then how come when the Pai Saheb cuts the Parshad with his kirpan he doesnt do any such thing??

another issue which i am confused about is the use of the kirpan??i have at times used my kirpan to cut ropes and similar things during camps as we had no other sharp this worng????if so why???

(REPLY) Sat Nam. The Kirpan is a sacred symbol which ideally should be used only in self-defense - or the defense of someone else, and/or it can be used to cut the Prashad. You do not have to draw blood when you use it for cutting prashad (And you certainly don't cut yourself with it!) It would seem that if you had to draw it either in self defense or to defend someone who could not defend himself, that you would probably draw blood with it. The thing to understand is that it is not just a "knife." Kirpan should only be used for sacred purposes as mentioned above. Therefore, I suggest you get a Swiss army knife, or something similar to use on your camping trips. It would be more respectful of your kirpan.

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Drawing Out A Kirpan (04/20/2003)
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