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Summary of Question:Who Is More Respect Worthy----Guru Or God?
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Sunday, 12/31/2006 11:42 AM MST

Sadh Sangat ji,

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh,

I have a question....The sikh gurus have discussed about the attributes, qualities of God. They have told ignorant people( including atheists) about the presence of God...Had the Gurus have not told about God, people may have not known about HIM. So my question is to whom we should look upon greater..Guru or God? Who should be our focus of worship/concentration/meditation--Guru or God?.....Is there any quotation from Guru GranthSahib that describe the kind of relationship a person should have with Guru and God..For instance:

Relationship of : (a) person with Guru
(b) person with God

I am aware of the fact that we should not consider our Gurus as God as Guru Gobind Singh has vehemently denied that.....

Thanking all of you in advance.....


A learner

<<<<< REPLY >>>>>

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa
Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

Fourth Pauri of Japji Sahib: "gur eesar gur gorakh barmaa gur paarbatee maa-ee" The Guru is Shiva. The Guru is Vishnu and Brahma. The Guru is the Divine Mother. In other words, the Guru is the form of God that you can meditate on, imagine, and love.

God and you are One. It is with the Guru that you can have an intimate and priceless relationship.


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Who Is More Respect Worthy----Guru Or God? (12/31/2006)
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