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Summary of Question:In Anger I Cut My Hair - (Reply 1)
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/31/2008 4:43 AM MDT

i was a baptised sikh.i have some problems in family which are too personal to be tell.i am taking psycatric treatment from past 4 years.iam under tremendous day we had quarrel in our house and in the moment of heat i cut my hair,seconds after i done this i started crying as i love my religion tremously.pls tell me,will satguru ever forgive me for this and what should now i do wash my sin.and also how should i overcome my psycatric problem as i also suffering from anxiety disorder.

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Sat Nam! Luckily God is smarter than you and your hairs will grow back.

Just forgive yourself. This experience is simply a lesson from the Guru.

The medicine for depression is daily sadhana. Arise in the Amrit Vela, bathe, meditate and do your banis. All will be well.

If your depression is particularly acute, you might want to do Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. It is very powerful. Here is the link:


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In Anger I Cut My Hair - (Reply 1) (05/31/2008)
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