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Summary of Question:Need Help With Anxiety/Depression
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 10/07/2011 11:08 AM MDT

Sat siri Akal

I m very shy girl (22yrs old). I don’t know the if I was like this since I was born or life situations made me like this. What I do all day is go to work for few hours and come home and stay home for whole day. I always regret that I have wasted my whole day and did not do anything at home. I don’t go for outing. If I would have to go to a party with my family. I get nervous and most of the time I say NO to my parents that I don’t want to go. At the party when I see people with all the fashioned and stylish cloths, I feel bad about it that I cant be like them.
When people go to parties, reception, wedding, they have fun they dance and enjoy. When I go to parties and stuff I get nervous and my heart starts to beat fast. When I come home, I always regret that I didn’t dance or dint have fun while other people were enjoying. At home when I m alone, I always think that I want to have fun in my I want to go to my friends house, parties and stuff.. But when time comes, I never go.. and afterwards I always regret.
If someone comes to our house, I never come out of my room to even say Sat sri akal to the guests.
I went to doctor and he told me that I m depressed then I also went to Psychologist for counseling. Psychologist told me that I need to have some fun in my life..
I also do want to have fun. But when I go out with my friends I never talk.. MY friends always say that u r very quiet but there is something inside of me that not letting me to talk.. in class I want to answer questions that teacher asks, I never been able to speak up.. I get so scared what if the teacher didn’t hear me.
I really want to get over it.. I want to be strong and to be able to speak up or have fun in parties.

I believe in Guru Granth Sahib g. I pray everyday and almost go to Gurdwara sahib everyday.
You have very low self esteem. This is coming from inside that your mind is saying to you that you are not good enough. Your mind is lying and Gurbani tells us every day to sing the praise of God and over come the false chatter of the mind. I would like you to go to the gurdwara and learn how to recite Jaap Sahib. Then recite this bani every day with a loud voice standing like an Archer with your bow and arrow pulled back, It is called archer pose. Dya Singh from Austrailia has a very up energy version of Jaap Sahib for you. Then you can go to kundalini Yoga class and learn how to breathe and meditate with long slow deep breaths. Let me know how it goes, You are beautiful and Divine, so keep up and find this beauty within you.

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Need Help With Anxiety/Depression (10/07/2011)
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