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Summary of Question:Dasam Granth
Date Posted:Friday, 4/23/1999 7:30 AM MDT

Do you know of any place on the internet where I could read an english translation of the Dasam Granth or just Jaap Sahib and Chandi Di Vaar?

Sat Nam, ji. Thus far I haven't been able to locate anyplace on the internet where you can download those Banis, or read them on-line. I'll keep looking and let you know on this forum, if I find anything.

If you are in the US or Canada, there is a bookstore listing on-line called Nahal Global Trading, that has some of the items you are looking for at very reasonable prices. The URL address is

There are hymns from Dasam Granth published by Dr. G.S. Mansukhani. He was a wonderful scholar, whom I had the brief privilege to know during the 1970s, before he died. The cost for that particular translation is only $2.50 (US dollars).

We will do our best to help you find what you are looking for. It is certainly appropriate for those writings to be available via internet.

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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Dasam Granth (04/23/1999)
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