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Summary of Question:style of turban
Date Posted:Tuesday, 10/17/2000 11:02 PM MDT

Is there a specific style of turban for women? I am an amrithdhari Sikh girl, but I wear a bandana and not wear a turban. I would like to wear turban and tie my hair in top-knot, but my hair is very long and silky and heavy and whenever I tie my hair in top-knot it doesn't even stay up for one minute. I can't tie my hair back and also wear turban. What do I do? Where do I learn to tie the turban from? Is there some book that I can refer to. Tying a banadana is so much irritating because my hair comes out of the sides. Please help and give me references if there is any to those places where they teach to tie a turban.

Thanks a million.
Oil your hair with ALmond oil.....then, braid it up in a single braid that you can twist into a beautiful bun on top of your head. It should stay put. Keep trying and experimenting. You can use hairpins to keep loose ends neat.

If you tell me where you live I can refer you to wher you can get help with turban style for girls.

You sound great. Keep Up! You will be succesful!

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style of turban (10/17/2000)
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