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Summary of Question:What Is The True Name Of Our Lord
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Tuesday, 1/01/2002 8:23 AM MST

i hear alot of names for our guru's, especially for Guru Nanak

i just want to know the TRUE name of our lord


Sat Sri Akal,

There is no true name for Waheguru. You can refer to our "Lord" as Waheguru, Ram, Allah or anything else. A name is just a name, it is an illusion (maya). Does it matter what the name is? No. Muslims believe that god can only be Allah, and any deviance from that means you are going to hell. The Guru Jis realized that this is wrong and then taught us that it doesn't matter what you call god, it is the same thing no matter what. That is why in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, god is called by many different names of both genders.

Guru Nanak is NOT god or our lord or our savior or a prophet. Guru Nanak Dev Ji is a teacher that taught us the true path to Waheguru. We DO NOT worship Guru Nanak Dev Ji or any of the Gurus. We worship the knowledge they gave us.

If you really want to use Sikh terminology for god, I would suggest using Waheguru.

Gur Fateh,

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